Open Water Course

Open Water Course

This course enables you to get a diving license, permitting dives anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 meters. The course involves a bit of theory, which can be covered online if pre-booked, decreasing course duration to 3 days (water activity only). Usually, in a 4-day format, 1st day is in a theory, 2nd day is confined water training, 3rd day two dives in the ocean to a max depth of 12m, 4th day two more dives in the ocean to a max depth of 18m.

The Open Water course is also known as the gateway course, into the SCUBA industry. From just being an avid diver, to professional ratings, all begin with an Open Water Course. Havelock also happens to be one the best destinations in India to do SCUBA. The pristine waters offer excellent visibility, and the industry has evolved over time to attain the global repute it has today.

All our courses and dives are conducted and supervised by our in-house instructor.

Duration: 4 days (6 hours daily) | Price: ₹ 28,000

open water course