When we talk about the Andamans, the first thing that comes to mind is beautiful beaches. Apart from these beaches, the Andaman Islands also offer various mouth-watering delicacies, warm people, tropical rain-forests that cover 86% of the island, wildlife, and their diverse culture, to name a few. 

Their culture and tradition are quite fascinating due to its diversity, that has managed to captivate tourists all through the year from across the globe. It comprises influences from several different ethnicities who migrated to the islands many moons ago. People live in harmony and take pride in their beautiful amalgamation of cultures. Every festival is celebrated together with unbiased vigor. 

Life in the Andamans is elementary, where people are dependent on agriculture, fishing, forestry, and tourism for their livelihood. The Indigenous tribes here are still into hunting and horticulture. Unlike the outsiders of the Andaman Islands, they haven’t yet been touched by modernity. This allows them to keep their traditions intact. Even visiting these tribal areas requires special permission from the government, and it is recommended they be left alone.

The people here are proud of their music and dance, which happens to be an integral part of their culture. Every part of these Andaman Islands has a different set of music, dance, and micro-culture to accompany it, which itself is so unique. Traditional tribes haven’t incorporated any western culture into their genres, as they believe in originality, making them even more admirable. During the island festivals that take place yearly, the locals perform their exquisite folk dances, which is a treat to the eyes. 

Arts and crafts also play a significant role in their culture. Locals are very handy with wood and bamboo work, which is another one of their expertise. They create some of the most spectacular items out of these materials that make excellent souvenirs. Keep an eye out for the baskets and mats and much more, made from bamboo and other local items. Go Andamans will be launching an e-commerce section in the coming months, facilitating regional growth & global reach for these hidden Andaman treasures.

One of the better ways of exploring a destination is with the locals and their culture. Andamans does just that; it will not disappoint anyone who is looking for a lifetime experience. From diverse food to architectural wonders of hospitality, and adventurous activities, this island has something for everyone.

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