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The great Andamans Coral reefs, were one of the biggest eye catchers. And also the wild forest , tribals and marine creatures attracted me the most. I recomend it for every one who want space to breath frech air and freedom to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Elisa Tremblay

Very beautiful ful place in india and this is related with our freedom fighter....... we all know that .kaala paani there r many beautiful places and sea bech, like crokodile park ,nut garden .coconut garden , science park, water sport etc

Ila Jain

last month ,i went bto andaman by air deccan flight and its an eco friendly tourist has many wonderful beaches.all the beaches are crystal clear and its very very environment friendly.i went to havelock island and its very first i thought of andaman and then i went to many sites and then only i choosed the destination and its awonderful plavce to enjoy alone.beautiful sandy clear beaches and safe to swim beaches.i went through website and got an idea to go three.many fireigners are visiting these islands due to its unspoilt beaches and nature.

Harsh Gokhle

I recently visited Andamans. And the place is awesome - Beaches - Havelock Island, Neil Island ; Cruises - Havelock to Port Blair ; Trip on Bike at Islands ; Very Safe & Secure ; Cellular Jail Superb - It was to hard to hear sound & light show; Havelock - Corals. But as with good things u have bad things too - Coblyn Beach ; We are spoiling it. Wandoor - Not worth, Till the time u r not visiting Jolly Boy / Muah.

Sagnik Mukherjee