Working From Andaman Islands

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What has changed in the past few years? Other than the fact that masks and sanitizers have become a part of our daily routine, people have become more diligent towards themselves. It has become apparent that life really can be quite unexpected. So live like there is no tomorrow. Though these wise words have been meticulously crafted by great men much before our time, it so happens that sometimes you need a free fall, a jerk, a push to know that it is indeed quite meaningful and something to live by. What’s more? Many companies have now made it mandatory to work from home due to Covid-19 and this gives the opportunity to have a good work-life balance. Earlier, you were required to plan your whole year beforehand, going to office every day, making sure you don’t get sick and even if you do, tread along keeping in mind the vacation plan you have at the end of the year, calculating your days such that you add Christmas and new year leave days while getting the weekend as a bonus if you are lucky. Yep! It was quite hefty. Not anymore! You have the liberty to rush towards ice capped mountains or calm sandy sea shores to make your life more ecstatic. 

Working remotely not only gives you the opportunity to explore, it also gives you the chance to answer a higher calling. While many people prefer staying at home and spending time with their loved ones, others take this opportunity to get out into the world especially since this wasn’t possible earlier. Visiting new places, experiencing new cultures can help you broaden your perspectives and take things easy. It keeps your mind fresh and helps you overcome obstacles through practical experiences, something we all need to learn in life. It also improves your communication skills.

Where does the Andaman fit in all this?

The Andaman group of islands is known for its serenic view, vestiges of visible light spewed across the ocean while the sun sets in, the dazzling hues of pink, orange and green while you swim through shallow waters, giving rise to the many under water sea creatures and coral reefs, the lustrous green forest trails and a rich history found in its monuments. You find rare sightings of biological phenomenon taking place in its ocean, evolutionary processes giving birth to new life in the most spectacular ways possible. Marine biologists are taken aback by the amount of data found and yet it is exceptional to find that there is a lot yet to be known. The tribal groups in the area are aborigines who have lived since time immemorial, long before you and I even existed. They are out of touch from the human civilization and are known to lead a simple life within the forests, well aware of the blessings being provided by mother nature, holding it to the highest level of devotion and respect, a people of the jungle. The mysteries and dwellings of these islands is so mind boggling that it makes for a good area to explore for anyone who finds these things interesting. It not only gives you the opportunity to develop intellectually, but also gives you a chance to relax on silver sandy beaches, trying various lip smacking delicacies, indulging upon water sports activities or training to be a  professional yourself!

Though certain places in the island don’t have proper connectivity, the overall need for the usage of proper internet has significantly improved all over the country in the previous years giving rise to the best travel solutions. Naturally, necessity is the mother of all inventions, which is why you can confidently choose to spend your days at this ultimate island destination and come back feeling rejoiced. 

You get to spend time in world-class resorts with the best stay, food, and proper wi-fi connections. And when you feel the need to take a break, you can just shut down your laptops, take a stroll along white sandy beaches which are fairly isolated, simply feeling the cool breeze and light drizzles hitting your face, purely amidst nature, your little safe haven. In all fairness, situations like these make you wish for a loss of signal and when this happens, you cherish the break you get from the way your brain gets cooked up while you stare into your screens, you finally look up and it seems to be the biggest gift of all, an iridescent boon