Why Work From Home When You Can Work From The Beach?

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Urban life is filled with constant activity and action, you just never run out of things to do. While this may be exciting for some people after some time the fast-paced life often burns us out. Following the same routine every day, traveling to and from work, stores, dealing with office politics, etc,. can be quite mentally taxing, and when you try to relax back after a long day, the constant activity outside your window still keeps your mind wandering.

Times like this make you wonder, “Wouldn’t it be perfect if you just run away from the concrete jungles of the city, go away someplace far away, where you can just unwind after a long day, and just be one with nature, and just relax and forget about all your worries for some time.     

How would you feel? Working in a small tropical island, crystal blue skies with clouds above you, turquoise waters dancing to the tune of waves, a vast white sandy beach in front of you, and lush green jungles echoing with the sounds of various behind you. And thanks to the present WFH situation, this is all very possible. All you will need is your computer, a suitcase with your favorite summer clothes, and a flight ticket to Andamans.


You will start noticing the changes from the moment you start your routine life here. Waking up early would be a priority for you now, after all, who wouldn’t want to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world daily, gorging on deliciously cooked fresh island cuisine. Soon you will notice your productivity going up the roof, thanks to the beautiful and stress-free environment of the Andamans. You will find yourself replacing your cigarette breaks with walks across the calm beaches of the islands in no-time, who needs something artificial and harmful anyway when nature can do a better job. 


The evenings are magical with the stunning sunsets, a glass of Pina Colada to sip on, and the sound of nature for music. Every day feels like you are on vacation. On your day-offs, you can plan a day filled with adventure activities, or maybe just catch up on your reading on the beach with that book you have been putting off for a while. Island life wins!


We at Go Andamans are working towards the goal of making this dream become a reality and creating amazing packages for you to have a workspace amidst nature. We will be launching them on our website soon, so stay tuned!