The Perfect Solo Travel Destination: Andaman Islands

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We live in a precarious world. With the development of the human race, we see a rise in socio-cultural, technological, and economic developments throughout the world. The psychology of the human race has made it a viable component to make travel a must experience. Though traveling over large distances in large groups or solo has been observed in the past centuries, ever since the advent of early humans who would spread their community looking for an abundance of food and agricultural lands along with hunting grounds such that the temperature and other climactic conditions would be suitable for settlement and the availability of freshwater would not be reduced. 

In early times, people traveling large distances had no one but themselves to depend upon if they came across thugs or looters in their journey. In recent times, we see strict government policies being laid out across nations to protect citizens not only from the said nations but from other foreign nations as well. That does not mean that crimes are not committed. As long as humans exist, crimes will. Hence it is only natural to feel skeptical when it comes to choosing a new travel destination. We get concerned about the stay, safety in local joints, and the food(how much it could agree with us). Even if we end up finding an amazing stay with lip-smacking delicacies, safety is never to be taken lightly. After all, we play a major role in our own well-being. For the past three years, criminals and thugs aren’t the only worrisome factors that we need to be aware of. It is also the onset of various kinds of viruses that have been an impending factor in taking millions of human lives around the world.

100% safety for women travelers!

When it comes to safety, women especially feel more cynical due to various societal factors and this is even more true when it comes to solo travel. Hence, it is important we let the audience know that Andaman is perfectly 100% safe for them as the main source of income is generated via tourism in this island destination and this makes it an incessant strand to bring in good tourism experience, one which could be remembered till the very end of life. 

Andaman is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations as it provides a glimpse of ecstatic marine life with varied hues of colours while also letting you experience the beauty of ever-evolving flora and fauna that can be found on jungle treks. It rains most part of the year with light drizzles touching your face as you walk through the shores of white sandy beaches. The beaches of Havelock and Neil island are fairly isolated hence giving the freedom of wearing proper swimwear without being judged or pondered upon. Except for a few onlookers with curious eyes, the island is fairly safe as the locals are simple people who go about finishing the tasks of the day and availing bread for their families.

While the number of tourists visiting the island increases, so do the security features. To provide a sense of comfort and belonging, the local administration has made it its highest priority to station tourism police and lifeguards at all the major attractions. You would also find proper signboards being placed for ease of travel. 

Every local on the island understands that this isn’t a place you can run away from. It is a small island and the crime rates are extremely low. The Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force have their bases in the Andaman which automatically brings in a sense of relief. There have been no cases of any communal violence reported in the past. No outsiders visiting the island have faced any issues whatsoever. To take our word on this, we have had several team members spending long durations of time in this island destination, watching, learning, and being an integral part in providing the best experiences on land as well as water. Altogether, we have had a total of 11 years of experience to show for it. This when integrated with the onset of Andaman itineraries providing the best travel solutions is something you can look upon and confidently pursue!

For any further queries, you may have, please feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to jostle you with first-hand experiences in this ultimate island destination!