Opportunities in Andaman

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The past few years have been a tough one for each and every one of us. Due to the onset of Covid-19, the natural flow of every amicable entity in the system has been disrupted. This has affected individuals economically due to the loss of employment as organizations undertook cost-cutting strategies or loss of business due to safety measures taken in order to keep the citizens safe, eateries and shopping areas closed. It has played with the psyche of the mass. Not only have millions of people lost their lives due to the virus, but it has also made living difficult too, confining people within their homes for months, unable to go out freely and feel the cool breeze outside, socialize with people, try new delicacies at favourite restaurants or go for trips. 

Though the human race has faced hardships, it has come out stronger and sharper, deriving its own solutions and loopholes to make life more exciting. Once the virus was contained, people were much more eager to travel. Not just that, we have come across new trends which have given people hope, something to look forward to. My favourite one is the ability to go to workstations, and staycations. Ever since work from home has come into the picture, people have been filling their trunks and taking off to the seas and mountains, availing homestays and resorts which have helped them stay closer to nature while having a stimulating environment making their work more productive and showing them ways they could enhance themselves in all areas of life. It has also given people an opportunity to explore their souls, uncover their hidden talents and make decisions that are on par with the intelligence of their minds and the passion in their hearts. People now have more confidence to believe that anything is possible as long as they invest their time and vigour into it, as long as they have faith.

Life often leads us to paths we never thought we would pursue and it often becomes confusing. The best way to know yourself is to unknown charter territories and try, just simply try and learn, to just enjoy doing what you are doing at the present moment and take as much as you can at the end of the day. Andaman as the ultimate travel destination not only gives an opportunity to explore but also makes it possible to go above and beyond. Sounds interesting? 

Here is a list of things you could do on the islands:

Open a shack

Who doesn’t love the smell of brewing coffee and lip-smacking delicacies while taking a stroll on the beach? Open your own beach shack and leave your own unique mark on the islands. Meet new people every day while having a relaxing time on the white sandy beaches and deep blue seas.

Work hard and party harder!

Be a scuba diving instructor

The vibrant coral reefs and marine life of the island are the main attraction for tourists worldwide. It has been growing and evolving stupendously with time, while many regions remain unexplored even today. Being a scuba diving instructor promises a life of calm and adventure in the deep blue seas. All you need is a PADI certification.


Be a tour guide

Tourists are one thing Andaman is never going to be short of. Be a tour guide to various groups, expand your knowledge of the islands and share it with the masses while making a decent living out of it. Best part? You will always be on the move, visiting places and learning something new each time and this would keep things constantly exciting!


Be a lifeguard

Having a lifeguard is mandatory on most beaches of the world. It is not a ton of hefty work and the only thing required of you is to stay alert and be quick in case of an emergency. Saving a life is no easy job of course. But if you do it right, it is more play with decent pay.


Travel blogging

Travel blogging is a fantastic way to enjoy as well as make money on the side. While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it is something which can help you become a destination expert with your own unique selling points which can eventually get you bigger endorsements and higher revenue through ad spaces.



You would find children in different corners of the world who aren’t privileged to receive the best education. Andaman is no different. If you feel you could make a difference by helping these little children, this is the best way to go.


Be a yoga instructor

Yoga is a discipline which aligns your body, soul and mind. It helps you be still like water. Its benefits have been recognized all over the world and so it has become an integral part of peoples’ lives. You could teach yoga at resorts, convention centres, retreats and even open your own institute.



Andaman is home to different sects of native communities that have survived for thousands of years. These aborigins bring about the kind of art which is unique and could be learnt and mastered in its craftsmanship. It holds great value and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Organic farming

The more we grow, the more we try and go back to our roots. Our ancestors had great knowledge when it came to the science of beautiful things, which is everything around us, everything that makes our planet whole. What we consume has a great impact on our minds and body, which is why organic farming is the best way to keep oneself self-reliant and self-sufficient while also making a living via selling the produce in the nearby restaurants and markets where the tourists are gunning for this variety of food.