Must Haves For Your Andaman Packing List

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The lush island is a beautiful sight to see but with its serene beauty comes a lot of snags if you haven’t packed properly. You wouldn’t want anything to ruin your fun-filled vacation, especially with your poor packing skills.

So, here are some must-haves when you are planning a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


The salt in the air may make the skin more susceptible to burning under the harsh tropical sun. For long-lasting results, carrying a waterproof sunscreen is advised.

Insect repellent

While the diversity of mosquitoes and insects in the tropical forest region is well-known, sand fly attacks on Andaman Island beaches can be unpleasant. A repellant for insects might be helpful. Insect repellent made of citronella oil is effective against mosquitoes, sandflies, and other insects.


These are the finest beachwear available and have excelled on the Islands.

Water bottle

Bring a water bottle with you so you may fill it up at establishments offering RO water. This will reduce the production of plastic and deter people from bringing plastic into the country.


Bring a towel that dries quickly with you.



It is advised to carry cotton. In the warm, humid environment, wearing shorts and airy, light clothing helps keep you dry.


Keep in mind that relaxing beachside will be a daily occurrence while you’re here. When visiting the Islands, swimming in the crystal-clear, blue waters is highly advised.

Beach towel or hammock

If the sand isn’t coming out of everywhere, relaxing on the beach will be even better. It would make all the difference to have a beach mat to lay on or a hammock to hang from an outstretched limb on the beach.


While some resorts offer hand torches to their visitors, the majority of low-cost resorts do not. After sunset, it is advised to carry a flashlight to avoid stepping on insects, spiders, etc.


Any specific medication or general medication administered for disease or as a preventative measure.

Sun protection

In the summer, having a cap on you is highly advised. People who are not used to the heat could develop a heat stroke. It is essential to use eye protection sunglasses to reduce glare.

Rain protection

While some resorts offer hand torches to their visitors, the majority of the Andaman Islands are tropical. Because of its location, the islands receive rain from both the southwest monsoons and the northeast monsoons that are retreating, making it a region with a lot of rainfall. Since the weather is erratic in this area, having a raincoat or an umbrella might be helpful. Carry zip-lock bags to protect your electronics from moisture, including cameras.


There are only two SBI and Axis bank ATMs in Havelock, and SBI is the more dependable of the two. There are times when neither ATM is operational. It can be difficult to be stranded on an island without any cash. Therefore, it is wise to have cash with you.