Must Book Andaman Itineraries Before Travel

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What’s the first thing you do when planning a vacation? You check your schedule, try to get the best deals at resorts and plane tickets, check different itineraries for the place, and choose the ones that best suit your interest. It is, however, very rare for a person to thoroughly research the place they are visiting. When planning a vacation on your own, there are certain essential factors that people forget to check out in their list. This is where we come into the picture. 

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to plan a vacation on your own, it is always good to have a second opinion from a trusted source. Go Andamans has been curating itineraries with a team of agents who have had first-hand experiences in this ultimate island destination for the past eleven years, which is why we can promise a hassle-free vacation on your next trip to the Andamans if you follow a few important pointers.

  1. Book your ferries beforehand

There are private as well as government-run ferries in the Andaman. Ferries are required for you to travel to other islands such as Havelock and Neil. It is often recommended that you book private ferries as these can be booked online. What’s more? They are much more comfortable with proper air-conditioning and in-built canteens so that you can munch your way through the sea. 

Though government-run ferries are much more economical and can give you a local experience with an open deck, these are pre-booked for the locals and only a few seats are left for the tourists. Furthermore, these can only be booked at DSS(Directorate of Shipping Services) counters at Phoenix Bay Jetty in Port Blair, and CSC(Common Service Counter) at various locations. The tickets for Tuesday through Thursday are issued on Monday and those from Friday to Monday are released on Thursday. The timings keep changing so you have to check the local newspaper to know the schedule before physically standing in the queue to get the tickets. It does not guarantee 100 % travel to the next big island. It is best to do some research and proper planning to avoid stress during your vacation. Hence, booking a ferry online is better if you have limited time. 


      Book your stay online

Andaman is a destination that is visited all year round. You can feel little showers of rain being sprinkled on your face most of the time as this is a tropical destination. It is refreshing and heavenly. Though you need to look out for heavy downpours between the months of June and September, which is also the off-season in this region. However, this does not stop people from visiting as Andaman is a place that gives you unforgettable experiences and stays close to your heart for the calmness it brings into your life. 

October to January is considered to be the peak season and it’s a wonderful time to celebrate Christmas and New Year under the starry nights, joining in with the locals and feeling the positive vibes seeping through the atmosphere. The whole island is lit, illustrious in its beauty. Hence it is important that you book your stay beforehand since most of the resorts and hotels are almost always full. This would make sure that you enjoy a beautiful holiday without running around looking for a place to stay.


  1. Book your slot for scuba diving

Scuba diving is the most sought-after water sport activity in the Andaman. The colorful coral reefs and the magnificent marine life is one you cannot miss out on. It has persisted for the past thousands of years and is a mystery to marine biologists all over the world. There are various scuba diving operators in the region, some with tie-ups to the hotel you stay in. It is, however, recommended that you book the slots beforehand as this would give you a clear sense of planning and also give you the liberty to spend time doing other things which may catch your attention in the limited time you have on the island.

In addition, you can avail stupendous offers and deals saving you a ton of extra money you could spend buying souvenirs or trying lip-smacking delicacies while hopping from one shack to the next