Andaman Islands offer an abundance of water sports and activities. These include kayaking and banana boat trips! Unable to swim? Do not fear; you can still engage in water activities with the best safety standards.


Most people fantasise about diving beneath the ocean surface, seeing mermaids and swimming with fish. Other than mermaids, Andaman can enable you to make dream come true! The finest way to explore the underwater world and get up close to marine life is to go scuba diving in the Andaman Islands. You can enrol in a certified diving course or a one-time dive (DSD) lasting one hour.

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In Andaman, kayaking is a sport that is gradually rising in popularity. An experience unlike any other is paddling a kayak through mangroves while taking in the tranquil surroundings and the sound of the sea. A night kayaking trip is the most popular option because you can see the water glowing with bio-luminescent plankton on it. You can choose between a day kayaking trip and a night kayaking trip. Never sat on a boat? No problem; before you set out to row around Havelock’s canals, you will get a brief training session. In Havelock, kayaking is a tranquil two-hour adventure through lush mangroves.


It is a sheer delight to go snorkelling in the Andaman Sea’s pristine waters and take in the vibrant marine life. The best method to explore the dense reefs of the islands and get a close-up look at them is to snorkel. Swimming is not a problem because the pros that specialise in snorkelling will assist you in having an excellent snorkelling experience. The first time you snorkel, it’s like looking through a tiny window into the underwater world.


Dive into the ocean and use your mind and body to navigate the aquatic environment. Free diving involves holding your breath while diving into the water without any sort of breathing apparatus. It’s all about mind and body control. You can push yourself in this adventure sport. Before you go diving, qualified specialists will instruct you.


Walking on the seafloor while admiring the underwater beauty is a beautiful experience known as an underwater sea walk. You may appreciate the reef by donning the included sea walk helmet. After a quick training session led by a qualified instructor, you are ready to go.


Although it is not strictly a water activity, we felt it was worthwhile to mention. One of the nicest ways to end a day here is to have dinner with your family or your partner while cruising around Port Blair’s gorgeously lit harbour. TSG Bella Bay offers cruise dinners. As the ship slowly cruises through the Port Blair city harbours, delicacies are served to you. The Junglighat jetty, located in the centre of the city, is where the boat departs from. You can listen to the DJ and native Nicobari music while on the trip. One of the nicest ways to end a day here is to have dinner with your family or your lover while cruising around Port Blair’s gorgeously lit harbour.

Every type of water sport is available in Andaman, so there is something for everyone. The water activities in Andaman give you a taste of what an authentic water adventure is like. Forget about your wave pools, roller coasters, and other big mechanical rides because this is a place where you can appreciate and connect with nature in all its forms.

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