Best ‘Dry-Activities’ You Can Enjoy in Andaman Islands

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The fauna of Andaman is abundant. In the Andaman Islands, birding can be enjoyable since you can see birds in their natural environment. In Port Blair, Chidiya Tapu, Sipighat, and Mount Harriet are the ideal locations for bird-watching.

As suggested in the name, Chidiya Tapu is well known for its bird-filled protected woodlands. You can grab binoculars from the zoo staff and tour the entire zoo in a battery-powered automobile at the zoo in Chidiya Tapu for the greatest experience. Sippighat is the following excellent location for birdwatching, where you can see some Andaman teal swimming about in the marshy waters.

Mount Harriet, which is well-known for its birds and butterflies and where you may see kingfishers and many other bird species, is another fantastic location for birding.


In Andaman, there are numerous trekking paths. starting with the trip along Elephanta Beach on Havelock Island, which is the simplest. After a 45-minute jungle hike, there is a stunning beach to reward your efforts. The Mount Harriet trekking trail is another option.

The one nearest to Port Blair is Mount Harriet. Take a boat to Bamboo Flat, where there are many jeeps, you may hire to drive you to the Rs 20 note viewpoint. If you are wondering what this “20rs note viewpoint” is, simply turn an old Rs 20 note around to reveal a panorama with a lighthouse and coconut trees that were taken directly from Mount Harriet. You will be rewarded with an amazing view when you reach Mount Harriet’s peak.

You will have plenty of places to relax on the peak, where there are a few small huts and a park, but bring food with you because there is no food available there. There is a tiny canteen there, but it is outrageously costly. My third choice would be the Munda Pahad View Point Trekking; it is a short journey from the beach in Munda Pahad to the viewpoint. The vantage position is beautiful.

Seeing clouds create shadows on certain areas while leaving others fully sunny on a gloomy day is magical. And if you are a real adventurer, you may go to Diglipur in North Andaman and hike all the way to saddle peak, which is the highest point in the Andaman group of islands. But keep in mind that it is not for everyone; you must possess an adventurous attitude and the physical stamina to hike for seven hours in the bush. Keep all necessary supplies on hand, starting with first aid, extra clothing, food, and water. Your journey to the top of Saddle Peak will be your own “man vs. wild” battle.


Our islands’ extensive history is written all over their surface. In other words, the islands have been occupied by both the Japanese and the British during World War 2. We have museums, memorials, bunkers, jails, Flag Point, and other places that are ideal for immersing yourself in the past. The locations on your list are Viper Island, Ross Island, and Cellular Jail.

An official of the highest rank who had to serve in the Andaman Islands lived on Ross Island, which was formerly referred to as the Paris of the East. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose spent one day there in December 1943. Lord Mayo, the Viceroy of India chosen directly by the Crown, was killed on Viper Island, which is a very significant location in the history of the Andaman Islands. Viper island may be accessed by boat from Phoenix Bay dock which takes about 20 minutes.

The island is covered in bunkers, which serve as reminders of the terrible threats these islands have faced. Humphrey Gunj is another location with significant historical significance. There is a memorial called Balidan Devi in Humphrey Gunj where Japanese soldiers brutally executed several Indians and buried them in a hole they dug before being shot. There is history all around you in the Andaman Islands.


Anyone who enjoys shopping? Imagine yourself walking around the streets of a tropical island buying items made of seashells while sporting an Aloha-themed outfit, a stylish pair of sunglasses, and a hat. This scene sounds like it belongs in a movie, but it might be you. In Port Blair and Havelock, you may discover several small local shops close to the beaches where you can buy caps, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can find the ideal handmade beach bling here to go with your attire. There are numerous art and craft stores in Port Blair that sell items made of seashells.

The greatest part of Port Blair for this type of shopping is Middle Point, where there is a government store named “Sagarika” that sells both Khadi products and a wide variety of handicrafts. You never run out of options or choices because there are so many more private shops close by. They are the ideal location to pick up something to remember your time in Andaman.


You will receive more than enough pictures from Andaman to post on social media continuously for a year. If you’re not a talented photographer, don’t worry; the picturesque splendor of the islands will make every picture you snap look amazing. With your loved ones, you may have some amazing photo shoots, and you can even engage a pro to take pictures of you and your spouse on the beach.

Here is an easy calculation:

Beautiful beach + pretty photographs of you and your companion = thousands of likes + ideal method to keep memories.

You will not have to wait for ideal locations in Andaman. Every major street in Port Blair has something original and special to offer visitors. For instance, the city of Port Blair has lovely slogans and doodles painted on every significant retaining wall. The city is always illuminated with numerous LED lights throughout the year, filling the air with positive energy.


Ever dreamed I could view the entirety of underwater life’s splendor without getting wet? Get off your curiosity and board a glass-bottom boat to explore the undersea world. Coral reefs that are extremely rich surround the coastline of Andaman. By taking advantage of the opportunities for glass-bottom boat trips around these reefs, you can admire these lovely animals (fun fact: corals are animals).

The Andaman Dolphin is the most well-known and largest glass-bottom boat in the Andaman Sea, and you can simply sit on its

bottom and observe all the underwater beauty there. Because of how the water magnifies what you see and how the glass is convex, what you see beneath a glass-bottom boat sometimes appears to be very near to the boat’s bottom. So do not be concerned if you see a coral reef that is going to touch the glass.


One of the nicest ways to end a day in Port Blair is to take a dinner cruise around the port while it is gorgeously lit. TSG Bella Bay provides cruise dinners. As the ship slowly cruises through Port Blair’s bays, it delivers you delectables. The boat departs from the Junglighat jetty in the center of the city, where you can take in the DJ and indigenous Nicobari music.


Spa and massage facilities abound in Port Blair, particularly on Havelock Island. The finest approach to revitalising and reenergising your body is to get a massage. Several resorts and hotels have their spas. Qua Spa in Port Blair is among the best. With warm personnel and the ideal ambiance, it provides the ultimate massage experience. You can visit the Kerala Massage Centre in Havelock for a genuine Ayurvedic massage experience in tranquil surroundings from trained masseuses.

There are plenty of activities in Andaman even if you are not very comfortable with water-based ones. The ideal way to experience Andaman without getting wet in the sea is to go for walks along the beaches, take pictures of the natural beauty, shop in the city’s streets, eat local cuisine, relax with massages, learn about the history of the islands, and go birding in pristine jungles.