A sky filled with stars, the calming sounds of ocean waves, and candlelight dinner. Sounds exquisite, doesn’t it? If you want to experience a different world of romance filled with pristine clear water, lush forests, and mouth-watering food, then the land of Kalapani is for you. Avoid the cliched same boring trips and experience a whole new trip that is also unique. This might be just the trip to spice up your honeymoon.

Andaman has a cool temperature all around the year. But October to May is the ideal period to plan a honeymoon in the Andaman Islands. The winter season, which lasts from October to March, is the ideal time to enjoy water sports on Andaman beaches. Here in the winter, the skies are clear and the temperature is perfect. In April, a thrilling beach event is also held on the island. Consequently, these are some ideal months to plan a honeymoon in Andaman.

A honeymoon in Andaman is ideal if you enjoy seafood and coastal cuisine. Everything, from small cafes to five-star establishments, will satisfy your palate. It won’t be difficult to find South Indian and North Indian food either. However, vegetarian couples need to be aware of the possibilities available to them. You don’t want to ruin the fun by eating something you don’t like. The more upscale restaurants provide you with various Indian, Continental, and European options, but the smaller neighborhood dhabas are equally as good.

The most romantic locations in Andaman are worth exploring. Andaman is a stunning Indian archipelago. Take a peek at the places you shouldn’t skip while on your Andaman honeymoon. Scroll down to continue reading!


Havelock Beach is the ideal island for couples because of its beaches and dive sites. It provides exciting activities like kayaking, diving, and snorkeling. Havelock is the ideal destination for a more relaxing honeymoon getaway. It offers some of the most gorgeous beaches where one may relax and unwind.



The pinnacle of natural beauty is Neil Island. The island is paradisiacal with its lovely surroundings. The white sand beaches in this area are ideal for romantic strolls at the dusk. One can enjoy swimming and diving in the clear, tranquil seas. Plan romantic dates and candlelight dinners for the ideal honeymoon at Neil Island in the Andaman Sea.


Another lovely island to see when on a honeymoon in Andaman in 2022 is Little Andaman. The spotless beaches here are a great place to spend time with your significant other. Beautiful beach resorts with all the amenities are also available making it the ideal getaway for a lovely Andaman honeymoon.


Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is a turtle nesting area and is regarded as one of the finest honeymoon locations in Andaman. This wildlife sanctuary is most enjoyable from October to April. At the magnificent Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you can see Olive Ridley turtles, Hawksbill, spotted deer, and Leatherback turtles.


Samudrika Marine Museum, one of the most well-known tourist destinations for all marine enthusiasts, is located close to Andaman Teal House. To raise awareness of the ocean and marine life, this museum was constructed. View the cells, corals, and a few different species of colorful fish at this museum.


Do these suggestions make you want to pack your bags and head to the Andaman Islands for your honeymoon? If so, go now rather than waiting to take your partner to these exotic beaches.

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