Try Scuba Dive

This is a gentle experience designed for swimmers and non swimmers alike. The try dive consists of briefing, shallow water scuba training and 30 minute dive. Underwater photos and videos are especially taken for you underwater by a professional. All equipment and dive site transfers are included in the price. No hidden charges. Maximum depth for a try dive is 12 meters.

Activity Duration: 3 hours  |  Price: ₹ 3,500

Open Water Course

This course enables you to get a diving license, permitting dives anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 meters. The course involves a bit of theory, which can be covered online if pre-booked, decreasing course duration to 3 days (water activity only). Usually, in a 4-day format, 1st day is in a theory, 2nd day is confined water training, 3rd day two dives in the ocean to a max depth of 12m, 4th day two more dives in the ocean to a max depth of 18m.

The Open Water course is also known as the gateway course, into the SCUBA industry. From just being an avid diver, to professional ratings, all begin with an Open Water Course. Havelock also happens to be one the best destinations in India to do SCUBA. The pristine waters offer excellent visibility, and the industry has evolved over time to attain the global repute it has today.

All our courses and dives are conducted and supervised by our in-house instructor.

Duration: 4 days (6 hours daily)  |  Price: ₹ 28,000


One of the most unique tours offered in Andaman is on a kayak. Led by Tanaz Noble, one of the most famous kayak leaders in Andaman. Her tours have been covered by National Geographic. She hosts multiple batches a day, and takes you on a 3 hour kayak journey into the sea and mangroves. Naturalist information provided by Tanaz along the journey truly makes it educating and adventurous. All safety equipment (life jackets), kayak is included in the price.

Activity Duration: 3 hours | Price: ₹ 3500

Boat Charter

Charter a full boat in Andaman Islands. The charter service is enabled on Havelock Island. Offering you a chance to explore the Andaman Sea at your convenience with some unique options. Be it island hopping, diving specific sites or exploring the horizon with a special someone, GoAndamans can organise it all. We associate and connect only with the best service providers, hence safety and management are already vetted for you.

Depending on the charter, meals & drinks are included on board. One can even choose from a variety of water activities, for which dedicated leaders will be assigned to you.

Duration: 1 – 4 hours  |  Price: ₹ 20,000 – 60,000

Fishing/Angling Charter

Charter a specially designed angling boats for a full day trip around Havelock Island. You can take it a notch above by undertaking a fishing trip to the famous Barren Island; the only active volcano of South Asia.

Which all species are found in Andaman Islands ?

The under water canyons and upwellings alongwith the rip currents make the waters of Andaman the ideal breeding ground for all types of predators. The main species targeted in Andaman Islands are GTs, Wahoo, Sailfish, Dog tooth, Yellow fin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Groupers and Marlin. Popping, Jigging and Trolling is the most common techniques depending on the location and target species.

Activity Duration: 4 – 8 hours | Price: ₹ 40,000 – 90,000

Ross Island

This tiny island located right across Port Blair is less than a square kilometre in size. Ross Island was the capital for the British from 1858 to 1941 until the Japanese took over and converted it to a site for war prisoners during the Second World War.

Here you can see the ruins of the cathedral and the graveyard of the British, a British era bakery, post office, chief commissioner’s house and few other colonial landmarks which are now under the custody of wild wines and old trees.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours  |  Price: ₹500

Ross & North Bay Island

North Bay and Ross Island
Speed boat takes you to the Administrative Capital Prior to Independence from where the Britishers governed the entire A & N Islands-ROSS ISLAND. A destination for Nature Walk amidst friendly Deer’s&Peacocks. Smritika Museum records the life of its political prisoners. Excursion to North Bay -Coral Island with Glass Bottom Ride & Snorkeling. One can explore the Coral reefs underneath.

Activity Duration: 4 – 5 hours | Price: ₹ 999

Seakart Adventure

Seakart is a novel watercraft shaped like a go-kart. It involves the experience of self-driving your own machine on water. It is by far the most unique water sport in Andaman Islands. It’s important to know this experience is available on in 3 desstinations across the world, one of them being Andaman Islands. What makes all this even better, is an exclusive SeaKart Lounge at Corbyn’s Cove Beach, along with briefing classroom, changing rooms, shower cabins and lockers.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours  |  Price: (coming soon..)


Our birding specialist is originally from the fishing town of Bishnupur, Rangat, Andaman Island. He started by working in resorts six years ago but found a passion for birds. His local knowledge, ancestral exposure and dedicated academic self-learning over the years have made him an excellent birding guide.

Activity Duration: 4 – 5 hours | Price: (coming soon..)